Barbara Falk, M.Ed., Educator and Lecturer

Barbara Falk is an educator and lecturer specializing in empowering parents to raise children of character in today’s world.  A nationally known speaker, Ms. Falk encourages parents to take an active leadership role in the home, teaching their children the importance of virtuous living within the natural setting of the family.

Ms. Falk has extensive administrative experience running private girls schools with the mission of preparing students to become women of character and conviction; women committed to spreading Christian ideals through their professional and family lives.

From 1990 – 2001, she was Head of Oakcrest School in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.

Most recently in September 2005, Ms. Falk appeared on national television as a guest on EWTN.  She discussed the challenges that parents face in raising children of character in our society today.

Ms. Falk speaks to parents on a wide array of challenges impacting families today.  Her advice and solutions are practical, humorous and grounded in common sense. Many of her anecdotes come from her teaching experience and life growing up in a large family of extroverts.

She began her career in education as a second grade teacher in her native city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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